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Team introduction

Team Advisor: 张德宇 (Deyu Zhang)
This research group is devoted to the research on the intelligent application of mobile systems such as mobile phones and watches. The main research is how to deploy machine learning models with high computing power requirements, such as deep learning, to terminals and edge terminals. Through cooperation with Microsoft Asian Research Institute, an edge computing-based action recognition and skeleton calibration system has been designed. The research group currently has 3 doctoral students and 8 master students. The research group has 1 doctoral student index and 3 master student index every year. Students majoring in computer science and technology, communication engineering, and big data are welcome to apply. The research group also welcomes senior undergraduates who are interested in scientific research.Students who volunteer to join the research group please send their resumes to my mailbox,zdy876@csu.edu.cn.


[2022-06-25] Yin Tang and Renji Zhang will enroll as Ph.D students. Wei Huang, Yunhao Li, Wenxin Chen will enroll as master students. Wellcome aboard!

[2022-06-10] One paper is accepted by MobiCom 2022. Congratulations to Jinrui, Huan, and Bangwen!

[2022-05-25] Second Prize Hunan Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award!

[2022-03-19] One paper is accepted by MobiSys 2022. Congratulations to Fucheng!

[2021-12-30] One paper is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. Congratulations to Jinrui, Huan, Xiaohui, and Fucheng.

[2021-11-01] HandInteraction3D won the first prize on the 2nd Hunan Postgraduate Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition. Congratulations to Bangwen, Huan, Wang, and Jinrui!

Team Members


Deyu Zhang(张德宇)


Jinrui Zhang(章晋睿)

Wei Luo(罗威)

Fuchen Jia(贾富城)

Yin Tang(唐寅)

Xicheng Zhang(张熙铖)

Yanbo Wang(王彦波)

Mucong Xu(徐慕聪)

En Cheng(成恩)

Bin Wang(王斌)

Bangwen He(何榜文)

Wang Sun(孙旺)

Huan Yang(杨欢)

Weijun Cai(蔡维君)

Zhuoer Chen(陈卓尔)

Yunhao Li(李云皓)

Wenxin Chen(陈温昕)

Wei Huang(黄维)